Clan Members

Players taking part in any of our league matches must be registered on this website as a part of your clan.

Each players gamertag listed within your clan and taking part in a league match must match the gamertag of the user playing taking part in the matches.

Clans fielding players which are not registered on this website as part of their clan will incur a loss if their match is disputed by their opponents and proof is presented to our admins.

Players may only represent one clan throughout a league season.

We expect all league clans members to behave in a respectful manner towards other league clan members.

Match Reschedules

Fixtures must be confirmed or a reschedule requested through the fixture page on site at least three days prior to original fixture date.

When confirming participation in a fixture, fixture map choice must be selected.

A Fixture can be played early, but no more than 2 weeks later than original scheduled time. All fixtures must be completed within 7 days of the final league fixtures.

Rescheduling fixtures must be done through the sites fixture reschedule feature. We strongly encourage clan leaders to use our match organiser messaging function to communicate prior to submitting a reschedule request to arrange an alternative time that suits both clans.

*Please be aware, our Admins have access to these messages and can mediate if necessary.

*Please be aware reschedule may only be submitted once.

Any reschedule must allow opponent at least 72 hours notice.

Disputes must be submitted with evidence through the dispute button on the fixture page. Provide screen shots, times, and links.

Match Play & Penalties

Kills with Banned weapons and gadgets Penalties

  • TDM - 10 tickets removed per kill
  • Domination - 15 tickets removed per kill
  • Conquest - 25 tickets per kill

Use of ladders or roof tops

  • TDM - 20 tickets removed per kill
  • Domination - 30 tickets removed per kill

Incorrect Server Settings

Spawning in and starting a match on your hosts server is accepting the server settings they have applied for your match. *It is your responsibility to check the server settings before you start the match, so try and get in the habit of doing so before it starts. If their server settings are wrong politely request BCL settings before the game starts.

If a clan is unable to change the server settings straight away(admin may not be around), then please reschedule the match.

If a clan refuses to change their server settings then the match is forfeited in your favour. You will be asked to provide a screenshot of the server settings.